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::: 20Th (2017-2020)Director Supervisor
The management board of supervisors will be the member of Congress was the first time the 20th 106 years March 18 successfully produced in accordance with the law and on March 26 the first director, the executive director of supervisors meeting is completed, standing supervisor, chairman of the election, successfully complete faith will elect Dr. Tsauo JauYih 20th president.
Professor Jau-Yih Tsauo
Executive Director
Associate Professor Wendy TJ Wang
Associate Professor Yang-Hua Lin
Professor Suh-Fang Jeng
Assistant Professor Shih-Fen Hsiao
Mr. Wen-Jen Chieng
Assistant Professor Meng-Yueh Chien
Associate Professor Yan-Ying Ju
Mr. Hung-Chien Sung
Associate Professor Hsuei-Chen Lee
Associate Professor Chiung-Yu Cho
Assistant Professor Pay-Shin Lin
Professor Jiu-Jenq Lin
Associate Professor Shih-Heng Sun
Mr. Justin Chen
Assistant Professor Li-Chiou Chen
Mr. Chun-Min Huang
Assistant Professor Wen-Shen Liao
Assistant Professor Yuan-Hung Chao
Associate professor Yi-Ju Tsai
Assistant Professor Hong-Ji Luo
Alternate Director
Assistant Professor Yu-Hsiu Chu
Professor Ching-Hsia Hung
Executive Supervisor
Professor Chun-Hou Wang
Ms. Mei-Mang Chu
Associate Professor Chih- Feng Lin
Lecturer Jeng-Feng Yang
Mr. Ching-Bin Liao
Associate Professor Hua-Fang Liao
Mr. Yueh-Chen Cheng
Alternate Supervisor
Professor Jau-Hong Lin
Secretary General
Associate Professor Wei-Li Hsu
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